Patient Zero: Genetic Survival

Patient Zero is on hold, its mechanics are being repurposed for Daemonsions: Demon Dimensions, a party-based RPG. This shortens our release window, and not having much for funding dooms PZ to not be as good as it will be.

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A virus that can transfer genes from one animal into any other has been unwittingly released onto the world. Now 15 years since the outbreak, Kaya must learn to survive in this new world, no longer safe in her domed city, Alesia.


Patient Zero is a dynamic survival game, unlike any you've played before. Featuring unprecidented interaction with animals, everyday objects, weapons, and crafting. You are in control of the genetics of any animal you come across, extract or inject to your heart's content. Mix and match, or claim them for yourself. You'll find you can run as fast as a cheetah, hurl boulders like a gorilla, become as large as a whale. Any and every object in the game, light enough to be carried, can be. You simply have to become stronger and you can lift anything not bolted down. That means you can choose to defend yourself with a mop, as you can in real life... if you wanted to. As a dynamic survival game, you may lose access to your inventory on occasion, and the ability to use anything within reach will be paramount. You can also make use of those stray nails you found and attach them to any object. If you want to wear a crown of nails, and proceed to bash your enemies when the time comes, be our guest. You can craft any item after you learn how they are made, which can be done by dissassembling/using ones you've found, and craft more of them to make better ones. So, the next time you come across a sentient horde of sloths running toward you at 60 mph, you'll be prepared to weild your coffee cup of doom.

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Planned Stats

80+ unique animals each with their own genetics/gene expression
Roughly 10 genes each
80+ unique genes
The following combinations are based on just 6 genes introduced with 80 possible
300,000,000+ outcomes per species
24 billion+ possible genetically distinct species
Doubling our sample to 12 genes gives us 60 trillion+ unique combinations
The real figures are much much larger as you can have up to the amount of genes that exist.
On top of this, gene expression allows for near-infinite variations of existing genes.
200+ items (200+ recipies) with 30+ resources

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